Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Moving into a new home is a big step but moving back from the United States of America and into a new home in the city, is an even bigger step!

Shannon, Aaron & family.

For Aaron and Shannon Gillespie it was a stepping stone to happiness and paved the way for the latest chapter in their lives.

When they moved back from the US, Aaron and Shannon immediately started looking around for their dream move. 

Having heard excellent reports about Birch Hill from their friends and family, the couple secured a mortgage and jumped at the chance to reserve one of Braidwater’s new turnkey homes.

Describing how they reached the decision, Aaron explained: “It was a struggle when we returned as it took a while to get a mortgage but once that was sorted Birch Hill was top of the list in terms of recommendations. A friend had purchased one of the first homes at Birch Hill and he was loving it! 

‘’We set ourselves a goal of a sizable deposit and once we reached that we were over the moon. For us, it was a dream come true.”

Describing Birch Hill as perfect for his two children, Aaron added: ‘’The location was perfect for everything and we’re close to our parents so it has all worked out for the best. We’ve two children aged 4 and 5 and the playpark at Birch Hill is perfect for them too.’’

Given all the ups and downs we asked Aaron how he rated the process:

‘’It has been top class, from our dealings with the Donnybrook team to sorting out any snagging, the Braidwater team were on top of things. We’ve never had any issues that couldn’t be resolved.

‘’On top of that we never wanted to be in a home with oil heating as gas is a cleaner fuel and the homes are much easier to heat.’’

Aaron and Shannon’s latest chapter is one big stepping stone of family life, happiness and joy – and one that we all in Braidwater wish them the best in.