Net Zero Plan

With a target of net zero emissions, the Braidwater Group has embarked on a strategy to reduce its carbon footprint within the foreseeable future.

Braidwater’s Net Zero Plan will include measures ranging from tree planting to 100% renewable electric.

The Group is already on the right track – Braidwater’s modern construction techniques ensure its carbon footprint is significantly lower than traditional build. During 2020, the Group commissioned Carbon Footprint Ltd to calculate the emissions associated with Braidwater’s standard 1,100sq ft houses, from current development projects.

This industry accepted and verified calculation uses the 2020 emission factors developed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Department for Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for reporting emissions.

The calculation takes into account all the elements of the house-building process including construction materials, onsite fuel, transport logistics and freight, employee-commuting, and waste and material offcuts generated during construction.

At 51 tCO2e (when accounting for carbon storage) the total carbon footprint for Braidwater’s standard 1,110sq ft house was 36% lower than the traditional build alternative.

Dermot Mullan, Finance Director, Braidwater Group, explained how the group is setting out to meet its net zero target:

‘’We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities and our Net Zero Plan will ensure Braidwater is supporting the local environment and meeting our social responsibility pledges.

‘’This is a massive undertaking but one we are prepared to commit to. Our average house currently emits 51tCO2e compared to the industry standard calculation of 80 tCO2e for an average traditional build, so we have an excellent base to work from. Contributions from all aspects of our activity will be necessary to achieve the target. We are also in discussion with the Woodland Trust on how the group can support woodland development in the communities in which we build.”

Over the next year, the Braidwater team will commence the implementation of its Net Zero Plan. You can follow Braidwater’s journey via and social media channels.