Wednesday, 18 December 2019

At Braidwater, we work closely with mortgage advisors, banks and estate agents to make sure that when you come to our open days that you have direct access to the advice that is most relevant to your own situation. This is because we know how important the decision to buy a new home is, and we want you to get that right. 

This week we teamed up with Crawford Mulholland Financial to ask them about the best mortgage deal currently on the market for one of our Elm House style 3-bedroom semi detached homes at our development at Beech Hill View. 

Beech Hill View combines the best aspects of modern living with an idyllic rural sanctuary that busy lifestyles crave. It’s a new development, yet it’s based on traditional values; a rustic setting but just 10 minutes from the city centre; uniquely designed homes that encourage a sense of belonging and community. It’s a rare opportunity to live life well in every respect.

The best mortgage deal on the market for this home – £137,500 over 30 years – is through Danske Bank. 

With a 5% deposit the rate is 3.48% fixed for 2 years leading to a monthly repayment of £585. These is a £175 valuation fee and £1200 cashback offer.
With a 10% deposit the rate is 2.14% fixed for 2 years leading to monthly repayments of £466. There is a £175 valuation fee and again a £1200 cashback offer.
With a 15% deposit the rate is 1.93% fixed for 2 years leading to monthly repayments of £427. Again there is a £175 valuation fee and £1200 cash back offer.

Every home at Beech Hill View is built to exceptionally high standards. It’s what we’re famous for. But our homes are much more than simply bricks and mortar or glass and timber put together well. It’s the fit and finish that sets us apart. From our homely turnkey packages to luxurious upgrades, every home oozes quality and well-considered class. Find out more here.