Wednesday, 31 January 2024

As part of the Braidwater Group’s environmental policy, the company previously announced sponsorship of a one acre grove at the Woodland Trust’s Faughan Valley. The grove will feature native trees, creating a woodland home for wildlife and the community to enjoy.

Faughan Valley
Located only a few miles outside of the city of Derry/Londonderry, the beautiful and picturesque Faughan Valley is made up of a collection of enchanting ancient woods, including Brackfield, Killaloo and Oaks Wood.

An Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI), the Faughan Valley is rich in flora and home to an abundance of rare and wonderful wildlife.

Dermot Mullan, Finance Director, Braidwater Group, highlighted what the grove sponsorship means to the company:

‘We, at Braidwater, are committed to a robust environmental policy across all of our activities, and as part of this we recognise the importance of protection of ancient trees and woodland.

‘On behalf of the Group, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Woodland Trust for accepting our support and we will continue to look at ways to further enhance our commitments to local woodland.’’

Pip Greensmith, head of partnerships, Woodland Trust, added: “We are delighted that Braidwater has chosen to mark its journey for a more sustainable future by sponsoring its very own grove of woodland in the beautiful Faughan Valley.  Braidwater’s support will help us care for a piece of the landscape which provides vital benefits to people and wildlife in Northern Ireland”. 

Braidwater’s Net Zero Plan
In 2020 the Braidwater Group embarked on a Net Zero Plan that was kickstarted when the Group commissioned Carbon Footprint Ltd to calculate the emissions associated with the group’s standard 1,100sq ft houses. With all the elements of construction taken into account, the emissions were confirmed at 51 tCO2e, which is 36% lower than the traditional build alternative.

Since then, the group has introduced a number of quantifiable elements to progress the plan including electric vehicles to its fleet along with charging points; air source heat pumps and solar panels in new homes; creation of biodiversity gardens at Beech Hill View and Roe Wood and planting additional trees and shrubbery at all of its developments.