Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Buying their dream home in Salters Meadows was the beginning of a new chapter for Krzysztof Majewski and his wife, Katarzyna.

Krzysztof Majewski and his wife, Katarzyna.

Since buying the three bedroom semi detached property two years ago, the couple have tied the knot, and are expecting their first child in August.

“We bought the house in the second phase of the development. We were looking for a house at the time anyway and had an opportunity to come and look at the new phase of houses at Salters Meadows’’ said Krzysztof.

“Katarzyna and myself just got married in May and we’re also expecting a baby. We say that this house is extra special because we tried for a baby for a number of years, and within a year of moving here Katarzyna fell pregnant’’ he said.

Fully sold out, Salters Meadows is set in a private site, with a pathway and cycle route weaving through the development, providing easy access to the town centre. Located off the Aughrim Road in Magherafelt, Salters Meadows is a short distance from Magherafelt town centre.

The finish and size of the three-bedroom property was one of the main selling points for Krzysztof and Katarzyna.

“The house is turnkey, and the whole process was very easy. We found everything very easy to make all of the choices for the house. We had no problems with any part of the buying process – it was all very straightforward,” said Krzysztof.  

He added that although the couple had already agreed a mortgage for another property in the area, they changed their mind when they saw the three-bedroom house at Salters Meadows.

“When we saw the house in Salters Meadows we knew we had to go for that instead. It suited our needs much better. The other house was much smaller, and the garden was too small for us.

“The house here had the space that we were looking for. The garden is very big and nice as well. The size of the house and how it was finished persuaded us to buy the house. The bigger garden and house at Salters Meadows helped us to make up our mind,” he said.

Krzysztof added that the team at Braidwater were “very helpful throughout the whole process to help change his mortgage over to the new property.’’

Braidwater Homes are renowned for their energy efficiency, and Krzysztof said that in the last two years, he has noticed low energy bills.

“The house is very warm, there’s very good insulation. The energy bills are much lower than the house we were previously renting, it’s much more efficient.

“I’d absolutely recommend a Braidwater home to anyone who is in the market for a new home. We have already talked to three of our friends into buying homes in Salters Meadows as well” he added!