Tuesday, 1 October 2019

As soon as you walk through the door of the brand new show home at Birch Hill, you feel right at home. 

The ‘Earhart’ three bedroom detached show home is situated in the most recent section of the Belt Road development, and gives potential homeowners a chance to get a feel for the much sought after Braidwater Homes. 

The three-bedroom property looks the part from the outside and when you get inside, you’re opened up to a world of space. The first room is the lounge, which is spacious and full of light, yet warm and welcoming. Such is the decor in the show home, you would almost want to take a seat and curl up beside the fireside to relax for the evening. 

The usual ‘under the stairs’ space is filled with a downstairs toilet, making perfect use of the space available. The large kitchen space is breathtaking, and is much bigger than you would envisage from first entering the house.

The kitchen units, which come as part of the Braidwater turnkey package, take up minimal space, while providing excellent storage and counter space. 

There is also a large area which is perfect for a dining table, and you are given the illusion of having a family get together in this welcoming, communal space. 

It is in the kitchen you get the first glimpse of the big garden space at the back of this property. There is a huge grassy area which would be perfect for development for those who are green fingered, or even a picnic or sports area for the family. 

There is excellent use of space in the master bedroom, which is full of light but also gives a warm, welcoming feeling. The built in wardrobes come at an additional cost in the properties, but from first look, I think they would be a must-have extra when purchasing a Braidwater home. The Master Bedroom has some hidden extras such as plug sockets at a height which is perfect for a tv mounted on a wall, and is in direct eye line from the bed. 

It’s the little touches like this that sets the show home apart from others on the market. There is also an exquisite en-suite in the master bedroom, complete with a walk in shower. 

The main bathroom itself feels comfortable even though there is a large shower and a spacious bath. It’s the perfect space for some ‘me time.’ 

The two remaining bedrooms upstairs in the ‘Earhart’ are ideal for children, and they really make the new release of homes at Birch Hill attractive to anyone who has or is thinking about starting a family. 

The first bedroom is designed with a teenager in mind, with desk space as well as storage, and the second bedroom comfortably fits twin beds as well as substantial storage. An additional, unique, selling point is the wonderful view from the upstairs bedrooms, looking out into the countryside. 

If you have been curious about a Braidwater home, or the extremely popular Birch Hill development, a visit to the new show home is a must. 

The brand new show home at Birch Hill is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8pm and Sundays from 2-4pm.