Tuesday, 4 January 2022

As the New Year dawns, the excitement and demand from last year continues and Braidwater Homes is delighted to confirm the further release of new homes in the months ahead.

Throughout Northern Ireland, Braidwater Homes has a range of developments in construction and in advance of further releases it is advisable to register your interest and speak to the relevant selling agent.

Darren Farnan, marketing manager of Braidwater, confirmed the forthcoming releases and the best way to highlight your interest in reserving a new home once released:

‘’2022 has an exciting start for Braidwater as we’ll have a range of new homes on release in the coming months in Coleraine, Derry/Londonderry and Limavady. 

‘’Firstly though if you’re thinking of reserving one you’ll need to register your interest as detailed below as well as speaking to the relevant selling agent for the specific development. 

‘’The selling agent will also point you in the right direction of a financial advisor, if you haven’t already spoken to one, as you’ll need proof of a new home deposit and an agreement in principle from your lender.’’

‘’You can also ask the selling agent about Braidwater’s preferred panel of solicitors which will save you at least £150 and you can also have a look at our 7 step guide to purchasing a new home, which will make the process a lot smoother (click here).’’ 

‘’No matter what direction you decide to take, Braidwater Homes would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best in your new home journey.’’

Braidwater currently has a range of developments throughout Northern Ireland with limited availability and new releases to be confirmed in the coming months:

Beech Hill View, Glenshane Road
Register here and contact Donnybrook on 02871 343600;

Church Road, Waterside
Register here and contact Donnybrook on 02871 343600;

Roe Wood, Limavady
Register here and contact Bensons on 02870 343677;

Wattstown Manor, Coleraine
Register here and contact Bensons on 02870 343677.