Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Braidwater recently welcomed students and lecturers from North West Regional College (NWRC) to their Beech Hill View development to discuss, understand and see first-hand, sustainable construction in progress.

Sean McWilliams of Braidwater discusses sustainable construction with Shaun McLaughlin, NWRC.

The Braidwater Group is one of Northern Ireland’s leading house builders and has close to 50 years’ experience in the construction industry and a range of developments located throughout the region from Derry~Londonderry to the region’s capital Belfast.

The NWRC students are currently studying on a new one-year, part-time course which provide participants with knowledge of the environmental sustainability sector as well as an accredited Level 3 qualification.

A full discussion on construction techniques takes place during the visit, pictured (L-r): Shaun McLaughlin, NWRC, Sean McWilliams and Darren Farnan of Braidwater, Malachy Nelis, Brad Dickinson and Emer Smith of NWRC.

Darren Farnan, marketing manager at the Braidwater Group, explained why it was a good fit for the College to link up with Braidwater.

He said: “By the very nature of the construction process, our business has an impact on the social and economic environments which surround us, so therefore, the Braidwater Group is committed to reducing these impacts through a plan to limit the carbon footprint and by safeguarding of the environment we work and live in. 

“Sustainable construction is also a key element of this plan and we were delighted at the opportunity to pass on our team knowledge to students and lecturers from NWRC.”

The NWRC team get to inspect a house a first fix stage.

Emer Smith, Lecturer in Renewables and Built Environment, NWRC, explained why the educational visit was of importance to students. 

She said: NWRC Level 3 Environmental Sustainability students visited Braidwater’s Beech Hill View development to see for themselves how the construction industry is working towards the target of net zero. 

From cutting-edge materials to energy-efficient designs, we all got an inside look at how the industry is reshaping itself for a greener tomorrow.

“On behalf of the North West Regional College, I’d like to pass on our thanks to the Braidwater team for giving us all a great insight into an active site in construction and the techniques utilised to ensure a sustainable approach in house building.’

Emer Smith, Lecturer in Renewables and Built Environment, NWRC, discusses a finished house with Braidwater’s Sean McWilliams and Kevin Cosgrove.

If interested in finding out more about The Braidwater Group’s approach to sustainable construction, please contact Darren Farnan: darren.farnan@braidwater.com